Personal Project, We got inspired from animation movies, Goofy’s movie in particular then we tried to display and enhance this idea in a funny way. We started modeling on 3DsMax one of the most smallest cars (Fiat 500) to make it more humorous, then the scene was manipulated on Photoshop from various images from the internet, after that we used Marvelous Designer to model the Luggage, Imported them to 3DsMax and started to sculpt the areas where the Ropes going, also we created fabric strands to make it more realistic using Itoo forest pack software then started creating materials with vray and substance designer, editing the scene lights then we gathered all our models and Render with Vray, Finally going to Photoshop were the magic happens (Post Production) putting final touches and we are here! Music from: (Michael Feiner – Mantra Axwell Cut ) Hope you all like it Feel free to contact asking for any detail Thank you!