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M square team presents a captivating commercial key visual for Talabat, combining CGI, photography, and photo manipulation. Inspired by “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” we showcased our expertise in visually stunning visuals.


Our creative process began with translating our vision into sketches. These formed the foundation for the key visual, aligning Talabat and Spider-Verse aesthetics. Our 3D artist used 3ds Max to construct the visual environment, bringing the sketches to life. The vibrant setting paid homage to Spider-Verse, capturing the spirit of Talabat and the film. Our photographer worked closely with 3D clay renders, capturing shots of meticulously arranged models.


This integrated photography with CGI, creating a cohesive visual narrative. In post-production, we used Photoshop for retouching and digital enhancements. Meticulous attention to detail refined colors, textures, and lighting, resulting in an image embodying Talabat’s brand and Spider-Verse’s style

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