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July 19, 2018

Summer Without Bummer

  • Strategy


  • Design

    Commercial, Art Direction


worry no more about summertime adventures

Summer is here! Families and friends started seeking for the best getaway destinations to enjoy sea, sun and the sand, but even the most luxurious of destinations are not sure you would leave with nothing but a tan. However, we can be sure of one thing: Get Insured has got you covered. This is the whole Concept in brief: People should worry no more about summertime adventures and can only leave with good memories. We trying to emphasize our idea, catch people’s attention with crisp contrasting summer colors and convince them with the Insurance service within a funny minimal creative designs

Each pixel has a role


Software used in this project


— Photoshop

— 3Ds Max

— Marvelous Designer

— Vray


— Wacom intous pro

The team

Meet our
professional team.

Art Direction

— Mohammed Tarek
Visual Artist


— Moustafa Tarek
3D Artist

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