We’re not your typical creative bunch. We’re the magicians behind the scenes, conjuring up CGI wizardry, retouching sorcery, photography mastery, and key visual enchantment. We’re the cool cats who live and breathe pixels, and we’ve got a mantra:  “Each Pixel Has a Role.”


Welcome to M-Square Studio - where cool meets creativity, and pixels take center stage!

━  About us

who we are

M Square Studio, a dynamic creative powerhouse specializing in CGI, Photography, Retouch, and High-End Key Visuals, was founded by the visionary duo, Mohamed and Moustafa Tarek. What began as a creative pursuit for enjoyment evolved into a professional venture aimed at meeting the stringent requirements of advertising and marketing.

Welcome to M Square Studio, where imagination meets expertise in CGI, photography, retouch, and visual art. We are more than just a creative hub; we are a manifestation of the passion and vision of two brothers who have dedicated their lives to transforming ideas into captivating visuals.


Our journey began as a pursuit of personal projects, fueled by an insatiable desire to push the boundaries of creativity. As self-learners, we honed our skills and earned degrees from prestigious art and design colleges in Egypt and Germany, blending the rich tapestry of Egyptian humor with the precision and high-end quality synonymous with German craftsmanship.


In 2019, M Square Studio officially emerged, marking the culmination of years of dedication to our craft. Since then, we have proudly collaborated with leading agencies in Saudi Arabia, serving as a trusted post-production house for the creation of visually stunning campaign materials.


What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to quality. We believe in the power of details, where “Each pixel has a role” is not just a slogan but a guiding principle

━  Our Services

What we do

These services collectively showcase the diverse skill set of “M Square Studio,” ranging from advanced CGI work to expert retouching, photography, and the creation of commercial key art with unique artistic directions.


High-quality 3D Projects Expertise in modeling, texturing, lighting, and rendering


Specialized in high-end commercial retouching and enhancement of images to meet professional standards


Comprehensive photography services and Capturing images with precision and creativity

Key visuals | Photo Manipulation

Creative development of commercial key art Diverse art directions tailored to client needs

Mohamed Tarek

Art Director

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