Bad Bunny

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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of panoramic gaming visuals featuring the misadventures of two playful bunny companions, Jicks and Tricks. Created through the intricate art of photo manipulation without 3D support, this project challenged me to elevate my skills to achieve a heightened level of realism.


Departing from my usual surreal storytelling, I presented a realistic portrayal, reminiscent of my previous projects like “Getting Away” and “Farmer Revenge.” Triadic colors were strategically employed to infuse each gaming scene with vibrancy, complemented by dynamic elements such as rockets, explosions, bullets, planes, and two high-speed cars that inject an intense action mood.


The wide lens perspective allowed me to showcase intricate details and transport viewers to a specific location. The choice of a Volkswagen Golf Mk1 and an old Mini Cooper as the main elements, adorned with rusty metal, customized body kits, and large tires, evoked a sense of raw intensity.

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